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Ladies… There are hundreds, maybe thousands of articles and blogs about football, but we hope this will be your favorite ladies.  This community was created for us to share knowledge about the sport we LOVE…

I know it is a generalization, but I don’t think women care much about statistics. We aren’t into forming fantasy leagues, gambling on outcomes, arguing over the water cooler, or painting our faces in team colors.  Our enthusiasm is for the emotion of the game, the stories behind the victories and losses, the sheer joy of winning and the gutwrench of losing. Most of us aren’t going to listen to sportstalk radio (although I have my Sirius unit set constantly to the NFL station), and most of us aren’t going to study the offensive and defensive schemes of the various teams so we can win the football pool at work. No, I think we women don’t care much about all those details. We just love the game—the pageantry, the emotion, the come-from-behind wins, the testosterone driven confrontations, and the grace of a well-executed pass play.

When I was 8 years old, I watched my first pro game on television—a black and white set.  I remember turning to my father and asking him, “Dad, what is a down?”  His answer?  Laughter. He was laughing at my ignorance. I will never forget it. I want women to be able to ask questions of me and of each other without fear of ridicule. I want us to be educated about the game so we can stop the men dead in their tracks with our insight.  It doesn’t mean we have to know how fast the new rookie can run or the amount of weight a player can bench press. All it means is that we can talk intelligently about the teams, their strengths and weaknesses, their progress throughout the season. It means we will know when a flag is thrown what the penalty probably is and why there was an infraction.  It means we will have just as good a chance at winning the football pool as the guys—maybe better because we will not only use our heads, but our hearts to pick a winner.

Watching your team can be an emotional roller coaster

In the game of football, sometimes the heart makes all the difference in the world.

In addition to educating women about the game, I want to create a place where women can share ideas about making the game experience even more fun and interesting. We will provide travel ideas that include not only going to the game in another city, but things to do with the kids, shopping, dining, and insider tips about getting to the game. We will provide some tailgating ideas and provide resources for locating clothing that looks good at the game. Not all women like to wear over-sized jerseys as their football garb. I want the site to be a place where women can discuss their opinions about football, share recipes and travel tips with each other, and ask questions that we have always wanted to ask but were afraid to.  So, come along for the ride with me. I’m going to be traveling all over the country photographing pro and college games. I will be sharing those moments with you and gathering stories about players, their families, football cities, as well as providing informative articles to help you increase your expertise.

I welcome your feedback and input.

Margaret Bowles, editor


  1. Hello,
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  2. bc says:

    great vision for site,

  3. lily says:


    I just discovered your site and think its great. I actually represent/manage to WR’s currently in the NFL. In the last 9 years of doing so, I have been asked by many women about my knowledge of the game. It seems that so many women are missing out on so much fun, so I have finally decided to recruit some professional players and we are currently putting together a football 101 class for women in all football cities!! Any suggestions?!

    • Hi, Lily,

      I understand some teams are already doing this. I know the Panthers have a couple of Football 101 sessions early in the season, so you might contact them to see how they do it. Football is a complicated sport, and one of the challenges is deciding how fundamental your classes need to be. I have thought about getting a few players together and doing some videos to demonstrate some things like “what is holding?” Really, every play looks like holding to me, so why do some get called and others don’t? I would love to get involved in what you are doing somehow. I would be happy to promote it on my site.

  4. Hal says: has the 101 course, Football 101, Workshop For Women
    Posted Nov 22, 2008
    Football 101, An NFL Workshop For Women
    Posted Nov 17, 2007
    ‘Football 101, NFL Workshop For Women’
    Posted Nov 18, 2006

    Essentially the NFL commissioner wanted more revenue coming in and this was a great forum to launch this back in 2006.

    I wonder if the editor of PigskinLipstick has pitched an idea like Pigskinlipstick for the National chain Buffalo Wild Wings to target the female customers on big screens TV?

    I am very impressed with this site. I like the knowledge of the sport posted. Keep up the great work Margaret : )

    • I had not thought of contacting Buffalo Wild Wings; it’s a good idea. I’m still working out a few kinks with the site, but I’m ready to take the show on the road this week with my first training camp. I appreciate the supportive comments; gives me the incentive to keep plugging.

  5. Hal says:

    GM Holmgren and Colt Mccoy will surprise most in the league this year. I see Cleveland winning a lot of games and making the playoffs. I also see the the Dolphins making the playoffs, I don’t see Tony Romo who grew up 30 miles north of me playing that well again in the playoffs. I still love Tony thou. I wish I had more time to write

    • Hal, do you really think Colt McCoy is going to play this year; and if so, is he going to be productive right off the bat? I have my doubts, but I know one thing, Jake Delhomme is not going to lead the Browns to the promised land. I think you’re a little optimistic for this year. I love Holmgren, though, and in time, I think he will get the team turned around. I’m just not sure they are ripe enough yet.

  6. vigiljk says:

    Great Site!

  7. Margaret,

    I just love your site….because you think just like me…Thank you…I no longer feel alone out here….


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