Saturday 24 Mar 2018

Week 2 Picks

New England – Buffalo         Buffalo                I’m picking Buffalo in an upset special.  Buffalo always plays New England tough at home.

Houston-Carolina                 Carolina             Where will Carolina get its offense?  The only thing worse than no receiver is no quarterback.

Arizona – Chicago                 Arizona                I don’t think Chicago has the offense to beat Arizona.

San Diego – Cincinnati        Cincinnati           San Diego on the road is not a good choice

Tennessee – Cleveland         Tennessee          Cleveland is no better than the Bucs.  Mariota should have another good day.

Detroit – Minnesota              Detroit               Adrian Peterson needs to get his game on.

Tampa  – New Orleans         New Orleans     Drew Brees should have a great day.  He’s my fantasy pick for today.

Atlanta – NYG                        Atlanta                This might be a bit of an upset, but the Giants have a lot of pieces missing

San Fran – Pittsburg             Pittsburg             Playing in Pittsburg and SF not that good, especially offensively

Seattle – Green Bay               Seattle                This one’s a tough call.  12th man gives Seattle the edge.

St. Louis – Washington        St. Louis             St. Louis’s win over Seattle was impressive.  Washington not nearly as tough.

Miami – Jax                            Miami                 Miami should be better than they played last week.  Jax having lots of trouble.

Baltimore – Oakland            Baltimore            Baltimore should have beaten Denver, and Oakland doesn’t have that defense.

Dallas – Philadelphia           Dallas                   Should be a great game.  A toss up.

NYJ – Indianapolis              Indy                      Indy needs to save face after last week’s loss.


Joe Flacco isn't smiling this year.

Joe Flacco isn’t smiling after last week’s loss







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